Why are Social Networks today missing music when it is vital for everyday life?

Why are Social Networks today missing music when it is vital for everyday life?

Wouldn’t it be great if we had the opportunity to hear all genres of music from all corners of the world? What if current social networks were more innovative, more interactive? Artists having the ability to build their name their music, all on their own terms, cutting out the middleman. Imagine the possibilities if they were able to build more independent, lucrative and personal movements.

What social networks need today is the chance to take elements of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc., and offer a more, well rounded experience for the artist as well as the public. In sort, to be given the opportunity for artists to be seen and heard without being lost in the shuffle of algorithms.

What social networks are missing, to date, is the most inherent part of being social…the music. Now keep in mind, all music should be heard, regardless of whether they are produced by independent music or contracted. Putting these thoughts into consideration, the reality is that there is a lack of support and opportunity for independent artists to showcase their music on social network platform, without having to overcome an array of restrictions.

Independent music artists are now outranking major artists, in terms of sheer market size. However the problem remains that independent artists have no dedicated platform for allowing their music to be heard in a more optimal way for the artist as well as the audience.

Considering all of that, there has never been a better time to be an independent musician…if only there were a way to get your art to the masses in a modern day way. www.agopoliscoin.com. You’re welcome.

Dr. Emanuela Caruso, PhD